Learn Korean With Me!

Hey guys!

As you all know my ultimate goal is to go to Seoul , South Korea one day and i’ve been learning korean everyday and i’ve only just recently gotten past the beginner level. I use this website to help me learn korean


that is the link to the website ! enjoy ^_^

I try to study korean for at least 1hr everyday. And i will be learning how to write in Korean soon :)

I already speak Cantonese & English fluently. Cantonese is my first language witch people often get the language mixed up with Mandarin . I was born and raised in the UK and been to school here since i was little and i am now at college :) so i have picked up English very easily. I hope to learn Japanese and Mandarin soon – Although i have learnt a little bit of Mandarin already. As a lot of my mum’s friends speak Mandarin so i pick it up easily.



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Sushi Time!


Hey guys!

I was really bored so I attempted to make sushi and it was a complete fail but hey it was my first time so it could’ve been worse. It just kept falling apart whwn I was cutting it. :/ does anyone have any tips on that?
I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging lately  it’s because I’ve been so busy mostly because I’ve been working on my art work that I was given to do for the summer and needs to be handed in in September when I start my second year at college.  But I’d figure if I started doing it the day I was given it I would properly be ahead of everyone else and wouldn’t have to panic about not having any work done for September.Hope your all having a great summer and enjoying the sun! 

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It’s finally Summer Holidays!

hey guys!

i have now finished my first year at college woo! well last Thursday was my official finish date. I am going to do BTEC Art & Design level 1 course next year to help me get onto backstage arts the following year hopefully. i went for my New Student Day last Tuesday and it was good and i met a guy called James who i instantly became friends with but sadly he’s doing level 2 next year so i properly won’t see him in September but i might see him around the art department . He was a really nice guy and we got on pretty well i felt like i had known him forever. We also had a lot in common we like the same bands and love the same type of music ect …

I have now been given a summer brief witch is to do a art journal , I’ve done a few pieces but as we all know time goes by so quick before we know it our 2 months holidays will be over and I’m struggling for ideas , so if any of you do art could you give me some ideas for my art journal please? thank you in advance.

I’m also trying to get more in shape for next year so i have been exercising and trying to eat healthy everyday. I exercise for 1hr depending on how i feel. Since i have Anaemic  i get tired really easy and will often feel like fainting but my doctors haven’t gave me my iron tablets yet so i need to be careful when exercising and just in general about my health . I also have under active thyroid  too so i really do need to be more healthy .

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SISTAR New Summer Comeback!

Hey guys!

SISTAR has just released a new comeback song and music video called ” Shake it ” this is going to be on their 3rd mini album. Witch was released on the 2015.6.22 .  

Below is the track list of the new mini album of SISTAR .

[Track List] 

01. Shake It
02. 애처럼 굴지마 (Feat. Giriboy) _Don’t be such a baby
03. Good Time
04. 나쁜놈 (Feat. Mad Clown )_Bad Boy
05. Go Up

Here is the link to the music video

Jooyoung and K- Will both collaborated to make and R&B cover of ” Shake It”  and they are both under Starships Entertainment . 

Hope you guys enjoy the song and music video and cover as much as i do! Don’t forget to let me know what you think of them after!

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All about Akdong Musician

Akdong Musician are under YG Entertainment 

They both lived with their parents in Mongolia for almost two years before they retured to South Korea to pursue a career in the music industry  Lee chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun both under the name of Akdong Musician , became a part of the Proteurment agency.Under that company they , did several stage performances and even released an original song called ” Galaxy ” , which was later used as a soundtrack for a samsung galaxy s4 commercial. They both are brother and sister and they won Kpop Star season 2.

After they won Kpop Star Season 2 they got signed to YG Entertainment .

Birth Name: Lee Chan Hyuk 

Stage Name : Chanhyuk

Birthdate  : September 12 , 1996 

Position: Main Vocalist, Rapper, and Composer

Birth Name: Lee Soo Hyun

Stage Name: Soohyun

Birthday: May 4, 1999

Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae

Songs By:  Akdong Musician 

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College interview For Art & Design

Hey guys!

I went for my art & design interview today hopefully I’ll be doing that course next year. Can’t believe how fast time goes by. I still remember my first day at college witch was awesome! Unfortunately  i won’t be carrying on with performing arts this year ..but i had such a good time on the course i met some really nice people and made great friends. Loved the course (apart from the tutor) All i’ve got to do now is wait for my New Student Day and enrolment day. I’m kinda nervous starting this course as i won’t know anyone there and it’s going to be a whole new thing for me. Going to have to find my new classrooms again witch i hate. Simply because our college is really big and it has 4 floors and i think art & design is on 2nd floor witch is the floor i always get lost on whenever i would have my classroom there witch is rare because performing arts is on ground floor and 1st floor. Hopefully my maths and English won’t be such a mess this year cause last year when i first started they messed up my timetable. Last year during my first week they messed up my timetable and i tried finding my classrooms for like an hour witch i did find but then when i went in the tutor said i’m not on their register so they told me to go back downstairs and check the board witch i already double checked before going and it did say that room number .Hopefully this year it won’t be the same. it was exhausting trying to find the right rooms.

I hope i enjoy next year course as much as i enjoyed this year. I’m going to miss the people that was on the performing arts course i was really close with them and it’s going to be so different not being able to see them everyday. I know i will see them around college but it just won’t be the same.

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| New Clothes , New Perfumes , Starbucks |


Hey guys,How have you all been lately ?

I was in town yesterday and i bought some new tshirts from New Look and they were both £7,99 each. But i’m like in love with those shirts! i just couldn’t not get them :p and i also bought some new perfumes from Zara which i’m really happy about. I also tried the Starbucks special drink which was called ” Oreo Frappuccino ”  i think , which was okay. I don’t think I’d get it again though .It tasted a bit odd…it could’ve been better i guess.

So what’s your favourite Starbucks drink? mine is definitely the strawberries & cream frappuccino   heheh :p

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