Floods In York. (UK)

Hey guys! As some of you may know that UK have been having massive floods lately and around where i live has been affected by it and these are the photos that were taken every street near where i live has been affected by the floods and it was terrifying people was evacuated to a different place as the water was going into their house. But luckily for me my street was not affected by the floods. And i hope it stays this way too. The floods have now gone now yay! During that time we didn’t have any internet connection or phone signal at all so it was rather boring.



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It’s Time To Say Goodbye.

It’s been weeks since we’ve spoken to each other , Every night I’ve been sat here thinking if i should text you or let you text me first. But i wanted to see if you miss me or not…as I’m sick of being always the first one to text first . You know it took me a lot of courage for me to convince myself to be in a relationship with you . I’m just tired of trying so hard , tired of crying , tired of getting hurt , tired of being used and most of all tired from always being the first one to do everything.

I just don’t know what to say any more to you now. I’m always saying “i miss you”   to you but you never reply back to it making me think you don’t miss me.

I’ve haven’t seen you smile for awhile when we’re together as often as you used to before we got together…are we really that awkward with each other now? You haven’t said once that your boyfriend although we kiss, hold hands, hug and everything else. You still haven’t asked me out yet making me feel like that your just using me and you didn’t give me your number until couple weeks ago although we have sort of been together. Always ditching me when you see your friends and leaving me all alone…now that i think of it you haven’t really treated me well at all.For so many times I’ve been wanting to let us go and the amount of times I’ve been trying to forget about you. My heart keeps going back to you. I guess for this time I’ve really got to say Goodbye.



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Daily Update .

Hey guys! How have you all been? I’ve been so busy with college but it’s finally the Christmas break yay!!  what are you all going to be doing for Christmas ? anything special?

Well guys it’s my birthday on the February 12th I’m going to be 18 !!

Ahh i still remember my 16th birthday it’s crazy! I’m still saving up for Korea and have been really bad with saving money lately and I’ve been getting Christmas presents for my family , friends , boyfriend.

I still hope to go to Seoul next summer so fingers cross it’ll happen!  i need to sort out my passport cause it’s out of date. I need to sort out my hotel expenses and everything .

So i will try and update once in awhile cause i only have another week left of break before i have to go back to college :(

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K-Pop stuff C:


So my sister went to London and she wenr to chinatown and bought these for me..and I couldn’t tell you how hapoy I was when she gave these to me C: but look at the adorable socks as they’re like my bias. Ooo look it’s girls generation stickers!! ahhhh!!!  She got the stickers for free when she bought me the socks. Witchever store she bought these from in London I want to go there straightaway when I go to London haha. They were pretty expensive as I know (£6) each. but I love them though!:D Can’t wait toxwear them .

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New Lip Piercing

Hey guys! How are you all ? hope your all having/had a wonderful day! C:

So today i went and got my lip pierced cause i’ve been wanting one done for months now and just never actually went to get it done. It didn’t even hurt that much as i thought it would it did stung a little bit when he was putting through the needle but other than that there’s no other pain witch is good right? I got a lip ring done and I’m so happy that i finally got one done! :D

I’m also going to dye all of my hair blue tomorrow and im so excited about that hehe ^_^

it’s halloween on Saturday what are you all going to be? and what have you got planned?

i’m going to go trick or treating( yes i know i’m 17 but still! at least i don’t look the age) …well i’ve been told i look 13-14ish haha!! I’m thinking of being ‘ Billy ‘ from the horror movie ‘ Saw ‘ or a broken doll :) what do you guys think i should be? :)

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Hey guys!

Hey guys! I’m so sorry that i haven’t been updating my blog recently it’s cause i have started my 2nd year at college and i have been busy. But it’s half term soon and i will be back posting on my blog very soon!

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Learn Korean With Me!

Hey guys!

As you all know my ultimate goal is to go to Seoul , South Korea one day and i’ve been learning korean everyday and i’ve only just recently gotten past the beginner level. I use this website to help me learn korean


that is the link to the website ! enjoy ^_^

I try to study korean for at least 1hr everyday. And i will be learning how to write in Korean soon :)

I already speak Cantonese & English fluently. Cantonese is my first language witch people often get the language mixed up with Mandarin . I was born and raised in the UK and been to school here since i was little and i am now at college :) so i have picked up English very easily. I hope to learn Japanese and Mandarin soon – Although i have learnt a little bit of Mandarin already. As a lot of my mum’s friends speak Mandarin so i pick it up easily.



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