Shopping !


So I went shopping today and I guess today shopping was successful? …. I bought a cotton candy flavour lip gloss from  claire’s and a watch from super dry :D it also came with a lovely pouch for it :p I will take a photo of the watch later and post here. It’s honestly so pretty ! It’s purple and white :p


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The Pilsuk (IU) Diet.


incase you all don’t know Pilsuk or Dream High go and follow this link to watch the  cut of the episode ^-^

This is the diet that Pilsuk (IU) used in the korean drama called Dream High. The diet seems very simple as it says in the photo that you eat like a queen for breakfast then lunch like a commoner, dinner like a bum. BE AWARE that ” eat like a queen ” doesn’t mean to eat a lot of one thing.

Pilsuk used this diet to loose 30 kg in 200 days. Although i have not tried this method yet but i will give my attempt on this diet! :)

During the diet Pilsuk also does jumping rope everyday for 30 minutes.

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Smoked Salmon Sushi


Just bought this lovely smoked salmon sushi from Tescos and it tastes amazing :D i haven’t had smoked salmon sushi for ages!! haha yeah i ate one before i took the photo sorry XD

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K – Talk Mondays : CLC (Crystal Clear)

Hey guys i decided to talk about the kpop industry every Monday :)

So CUBE Entertainment has just debuted a new girl group called CLC(Crystal Clear) on the 19th March.Crystal Clear is a 5 member girl group with the members of :

Seunghee:  who was born on October 10 in 1995 (19) she is also the leader and main vocalist of the group.

Yujin :  Yujin was born on August 12, 1996 (age 18) , she is the group’s sub vocalist and dancer. 

Seungyeon :  Seungyeon was born on November 6, 1996(age 18) and is the group lead vocalist and dancer.

Sorn : Sorn was born on  November 18, 1996(age 18) and is the group sub vocalist .

Yeeun is the group youngest member at the age of 16.  She was born on August 10th in the year of 1998.  She is also the group’s main rapper and maknae.

I’ll leave you with CLC’s music video of “Pepe”  hope you enjoy!


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Saving Update : Applied For A Job

Around the start of January i have been trying to save up money for Korea. Well i have saved around £500 not much i know! but hopefully by next summer i’d have enough money to go to Korea. I’d be 18 by then.I’ve recently have applied for a sales assistant job and it’s in the weekend,which is perfect as it doesn’t get in the way of college! it’s a 12-16hr job. Hopefully I’ll get the job so i can save more money to go to Korea! :p

I realised how long my other posts were so i’m trying to limit each posts i write now ^_^


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Easter Break yay!

It’s finally easter holidays even though we only get 1 week off I’m still happy! Cause it means that I don’t have to wake up at 5am and be out of the house by 7:10am on Monday!!
No college for the week whoop!  What I’ve  got planned for the week is that I should be going to Leeds which is roughly 1hr away from where I live to go shopping and have a day out :D  then Harrogate at some point which is 45 minutes away from where I live (I think?!) to visit and maybe stay at my uncles for a few days. My cousins from Nottingham  will also be coming down which  I’m always excited about cause I haven’t seen my cousins for ages!
I will try and take some photos when I go to Leeds & Harrogate  for you lovely people to see :3 hehehe

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A Little Update

Hey guys! Sorry that it’s been a long time since I’ve last posted, I’ve been busy with college coursework and I’ve been really ill recently as well :( but I’m getting better mow i just have a really bad cough that’s all! I cannot wait till Easter break starts(i break up for Easter break on Friday) . Are you all excited for Easter?? i know i am! well mainly because i’m off to Harrogate and i get to meet Lewis, someone who used to go to the same college as me but has moved to harrogate and he’s amazing ;)  i cannot wait to give him a massive hug like i used to also do every time i would see him around college hahaah! any ways enough of me talking about Lewis.

So as you guys know one of my new years revolutions was to get in shape and stay healthy, well my way of having fun and getting  a little of exercise done is to learn new kpop dances and i’m currently learning ‘ Trouble Maker’ by Hyuna Ft Hyunseung, and i’ve learnt the first part of the dance already and i’m planning to post the video on my youtube and facebook, i am also going to start posting short dance covers of kpop dances :p

Here’s the music video for the song if you don’t know it !

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