Hyorin (SISTAR) new comebacks & my favourite winter song!

Hey guys!

So hyorin of sistar has a few new comebacks what do you think of them? here’s some links to her new song. For me in my opinion i prefer her song ” One Step ” with Jay Park .



My favourite winter song is ”  .Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms(봄,사랑 ” by IU FT HIGH4


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Returning to the long lost blog.

Hello there!

I’ve noticed i have gotten a few new followers, first of all thank you for following me! i am now returning to my blog.

I have been busy with myself lately. My mind state was getting worse so i haven’t had the time to blog and i just didn’t feel like it. Now i am back up and running.

~ misssecretfashiongirl

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Getting into the real life. /” Good bye April hello May”


Hello there my fellow bloggers! How have you all been? it’s been awhile since i updated my blog but let me tell you why i’ve been so busy!

First of all let me say it’s finally May hope May brings the best for you all!

Got some real exciting good news for you guys, guess what? i got a weekend shift job at Primark !  i have already started working there and helping them setting up the new store and we have been stocking things up. I am so glad that they recruited me! I get paid £7,08 hourly and my wages are paid on a 4 week basis my first payment will be the 13th May.

As i am just starting to get into the working world , I’ve just had my first shift last Thursday 28th April which wasn’t so bad . and then had my proper first working shift on Saturday which i work in department 4 laundry ~ lingerie area. But as the stores open i will be in the fitting rooms!

I’m real happy about getting the job and i’m working for Primark which is the store i love! I have been looking for a job for months now.

If you ever want something never give up and just keep chasing for it!

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Audition For Kpop Star Season 6??!


Hey there my fellow bloggers!

If any of you guys watch kpop Star then you know that season 5 has just finished a couple days ago and hopefully there will be season 6. Well thing is I’ve been preparing my self in dance and acting for when i audition for the companies but i kind of want to take this opportunity to  audition for kpop star season 6. I wanted to audition for kpop star season 5 but then i didn’t think i was ready back then .

I am still deciding on if i should audition for the upcoming kpop star season 6 or not. I really would like honest opinion on my dance skills and i think auditioning for kpop star would really help me improve the best way as i can with the judges opinion.

I’ve been training myself constantly in dance for the past 2yrs now.

So what do you guys think do you think i should just go for it and audition when the audition dates are released for season 6?

Happy blogging ! ~ peace out  ~

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Primark Job Interview ?!


Hello there my fellow bloggers! Hope you all had/having a good day!

To the people who’ve been following my blog for awhile you may know that I’ve had a job interview for Primark for Visual Merchandising and wasn’t a successful candidate . Well i wasn’t going to give up on Primark as i love Primark I’d love to be working here. So then after a month i applied again for the role of Temporary Retail Assistant (Part Time) 20 hrs.

I’ve got a job interview for it this upcoming Sunday the 17th.  I feel like i am much more prepared for this interview .  If i get this job i can save up more money and go to Seoul then maybe my dream of auditioning for Cube Entertainment will come true. Or maybe JYP Entertainment these two companies are the two i want to audition for.

Let’s hope i get this job fighting ~

Happy Blogging peace out!

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Dreaming of black shadows figures.

270338409_17afdc6d8a_b.jpgHey there my fellow bloggers! Hope your all having a good day .

I’ve been having dreams of Black shadow figures lately i am not sure why , the first dream i had was a black shadow figure similar to this photo standing in my room next to my door . The next one i had was the same dark black shadow figure person walking out of the door and that was the end of the dream.  Lastly the last one i had was loads of them just rising up from the floor the area was bright orange and that was it. When i do have dreams of shadow figures they only last seconds from what i know. Does anyone know what these dreams means?

Have you ever dreamed or seen a black shadow figure?

Happy Blogging!

~ peace out ~


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Travelling ? All nighters?

Hey there my fellow bloggers! Hope your all having a good day!

I am going to Harrogate tomorrow with my boyfriend and my mother to sleepover at my uncles and i will be seeing my brother and my brother’s girlfriend for the first time in ages! It is 3:48am right now and i have not had any sleep yet think I’m too excited i don’t know i haven’t been able to sleep properly for the past few days . Maybe because i miss my boyfriend a little too much i haven’t seen him since last Saturday as he’s been up in Scotland visiting his family . I can’t wait to see him again tomorrow.

I should properly start going to sleep soon but the real trouble obviously is that i can’t get to sleep and it’s really frustrating it makes me feel the nights i went through when i had Insomnia.  I really don’t like those kind of sleeping patterns.  I properly won’t be blogging for a few days because i am not so sure if at my uncles have WIFI or not 😦 but i will be back on Friday.

Hope you all have a great week and happy blogging ! peace out ~



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